BAE Vegan Perfume, where compassion and cruelty free dances with elegant designer fragrance, is an Australian vegan perfume brand showcasing over 30 fine vegan perfumes across three unique collections. BAE is certified with Choose Cruelty Free, The Orangutan Alliance, and PETAs Beauty without Bunnies Vegan & Cruelty Free program. BAE is your shoppe for vegan perfume Australia.

BAE Vegan Perfume Winter Updates    Sunday, July 8, 2018

Helloo cruelty free bae, I hope this post finds you well :)

It’s about time I provide an update on what's been going on of late so this post is all about the trials and tribulations of your favourite cruelty free perfume. Let's start off with the trials :D


OMG labels (as in the labels for the perfume bottle) have been THE biggest challenge to source so far. Without boring you with all the details, it has been a monumental feat to find labels that 1. Stick to the bottle 2. The toner does not disappear 3. Suit the brand image 4. Do not cost an absolute fortune.

Even if the labels are waterproof, it doesn’t guarantee the toner will not disappear. It has been an expensive and frustrating process but I will not be beaten! The original supplier I had sourced in the States changed their shipping policy so the cost to actually ship the labels was costing more than the labels themselves. ARGHHHH!! I have since sourced another supplier in the States whose shipping is more agreeable. However, ensuring the labels do not smudge and do not lift off in the corners has been a real challenge.

I am happy to say that I am 95% satisfied the problem has been rectified (95% as it is an ongoing process and time is going to demonstrate how they wear over time) however I will be monitoring closely and if you have feedback, please feel welcome to express it as the presentation of the perfume is super important.

It is imperative that the end product look totally professional and just as appealing as overpriced, name-brand department store perfumes! BAE perfumes smell as fabulous, but it’s just as important that customers feel the product they are purchasing and supporting is as professionally manufactured as one from a big company.

As an expression of my appreciation for your understanding for any dodgy perfume bottle labels you may have received up to this point, I am offering
 20 PERCENT OFF store wide until Midnight Fri 13 Jul 18. The coupon LOVEBAE at the time of checkout. It was going to be for 3 days only however I have extended it to 7 days :D

BAE Vegan Perfume


Now let us move forward to the good news. I am super excited to say that BAE Vegan Perfume will be featured in two different beauty boxes in August.

Goodness Me will be offering a beauty box full of cruelty free goodies and Socially Conscious are offering a Palm Oil Free box featuring all the awesome ethical products on the market that are palm oil free. I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with both of these fabulous companies and to be invited to represent vegan perfume. It is my goal in life to get out there and demonstrate to all the peeps in the world that CRUELTY FREE SMELLS BETTER!!!!!!! Yesssss Honey, you can still smell FABULOUS and bask in the knowledge that you are supporting a brand who genuinely LOVES AND CARES FOR ANIMALS!!!!!!!! Woot Woot!!

I must express: special appreciation to Maria from the Orangutan Alliance for her role as both opportunities to feature BAE came from Maria believing in BAE and spreading the word. Thank you so much Maria.  

In both boxes, I have chosen to feature the newly reformulated Beach Coconut fragrance as it is delicious, cheeky and the perfect scent heading into Spring/Summer. 

BAE Vegan Perfume

BAE Vegan Perfume


Okay now this is exciting news. There are several new products in the pipeline. I have had several requests for alcohol based spray perfumes and I am so happy to say that this product will be offered by September 2018.

I have applied for a permit with the ATO for permission to use and store Alcohol for business purposes. In the meantime, product development is underway. The plan is to offer all vegan perfumes from the Designer and Artisan Collections as both a palm oil free coconut oil base AND an alcohol based spray perfume. The Natural Collection will remain as a palm oil free coconut oil base only. 

A luxurious bath oil is in the pipeline however this will follow the spray perfume as launching those are my priority. A gentle, after-grooming deodoriser for floofers is also a product under development and will be likely launched in December 18.


Following on, the spray perfumes will definitely be launched by 22 September 18, because this is the day BAE will be featured at the Be You Be Well Festival at Rouse Hill Sydney. More details will follow closer to the date. I feel so grateful to be invited and am really looking forward to showing off that vegan, cruelty free perfume can smell just as good, if not better, than expensive brands who still test on our animal friends.

So that’s about it for now! Please allow me to express how incredibly grateful I am for all the love and support I receive daily. When I embarked on following my dream of creating a vegan perfume brand, never did I expect to connect with so many genuinely beautiful, kind, compassionate and supportive people. Thank you for believing in BAE, my heart overflows with love and I honestly cannot express my appreciation enough.

Here is a photo of Poochie to bless your day :)

Bye for now,

Vegan Nat xx

BAE Vegan Perfume

New Perfumes, New Size Options & Name Changes    Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hey there animal loving friends,

I thought I would take a moment to provide an update on the changes and updates with the BAE vegan perfume product line.

Vegan Perfume Size Options: There are 3 size options available now. 5ml mini bottles, 15ml standard size bottles, and 30ml re-fill bottes. The 5ml bottles are an awesome way to purchase a small amount of different vegan scents. Don't be fooled by the size either. A mini bottle like this can last months depending on how often you use it. In addition, the perfumes themselves are quite strong so only a small amount is required on application making them long lasting and great value.

Don’t forget samples scents (2ml bottles) are available too. 

BAE vegan perfume, 5ml mini vegan fragrance

The 30ml refill bottles are a great way to purchase your fave vegan perfume at a discounted rate. A 15ml bottle is $29.95* (extra for the Natural collection, being essential oil based) and 30ml is just $45 giving you a $15 saving. 30ml will last ages. This size comes with a dropper bottle making it easy to refill your 5ml or 15ml bottles. Alternatively, being oil based (and a gorgeous, nourishing palm-oil free coconut oil at that) all vegan perfumes can be used as a body oil as well. Apply a couple of drops to arms and decollatage for a long lasting perfumed body moisturiser. 

vegan perfume

I have culled some of the perfumes that have had zero interest. Fresh Cut Rose is now gone, so is Nag Champa. The Sandalwood Rose, I have changed to Earth Rose, only because this name is more fitting for the scent. I personally love this vegan fragrance. I have never been a huge fan of traditional rose perfumes, however this one, because of the sandalwood and patchouli, gives it a modern twist. 

I am also about 6 weeks off releasing two more fragrances in the Artisan Collection and about five more in the designer collection so stay tuned for updates on those. 

I have changed the name of Boss Bae to Bosi B as I was informed I was infringing on the trademark of BOSS (Hugo Boss) perfume. It was alarming and unnerving being contacted by a huge conglomerate of a company in Germany however, being a brand new Brand the last thing I wish to do is step on toes or piggyback on someone else’s hard work. So Boss BAE is now Bosi B. Same smoking hot scent, just a different name.

Anyhoos, that’s about it for now. Below is my fave pic from the recent photoshoot :)

Thanks again for supporting cruelty free beauty

Vegan Nat xo

vegan perfume, BAE vegan fragrance



BAE Vegan Perfume Is Officially Certified Cruelty Free by Choose Cruelty Free    Saturday, April 28, 2018

On the evening of Anzac Day, I had a hideous night with only 3 hours of broken sleep. The same thing occured the night after and, on Friday morning at 4am, I decided to get up and make a coffee. As I was checking my email, feeling grumpy and waiting for the coffee to kick in, I noticed one sitting in my Junk Folder. Well, it was the opposite of junk, it was THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!

It was an email from Choose Cruelty Free informing me that BAE Vegan Perfume is officially accredited as a Cruelty Free Business! Oh my goodness, I cried. Creating BAE has been a labour of love, as well as a tapestry of challenge, set backs and ups and downs, and to receive this letter meant so much to me. It is one thing for me to say that my Brand is vegan and cruelty free but to have it officially recognised, for me, is so important as it gives potential customers the peace of mind to know that the products are what they claim to be.

Bae vegan perfume, certified cruelty free perfume by choose cruelty free

The next step is to sign up for the License Agreement in order to use the Rabbit Logo on my website and any promotional material. It is well worth the financial outlay, and furthermore, I am listed on their website which gets a fair amount of traffic, something I could do with whilst my own website starts to grow in SEO ranking.

Other news: I have three Mothers Day specials up for grabs. 

Bae Vegan Perfume

I am also working on some brand new vegan perfume blends. Some new fragrances that are in the works for the artisan blends are:

- Amber & Musk
- Patchouli
- Oakmoss

Then, for the designer range, I am working on, with the assistance of my gorgeous daughter, a few 'young' blends. She loves fruity, bubbly type of fragrances. I also have some more masculine ones in the pipeline. One particular one she said reminded her of the scent her ex-beau used to wear and 'I absolutely loooooooved it' So I think I am on the right track for some truly awesome new creations. Stay tuned compassionate peeps.

Love Vegan Nat xo

Anonymous for the Voiceless - Cube of Truth - Shellharbour (Illawarra Region)    Saturday, April 7, 2018

Today I met up with an awesome group of people who are fearless in standing up for our animal friends. Anonymous for the Voiceless Illawarra Cube of Truth met at Shellharbour today, Illawarra region.

We had over 30 meaningful conversations with people who began to consider where their food came from. It is an emotional experience. Seeing the footage of the cruelty animals are subjected to never gets easier.

I particularly love talking with children because they seem far more affected than the adults. Emma wrote a blog post about how the day unfolded.

I really encourage more people to get involved if it is something that you feel inspired to do. It can be nerve-wracking putting yourself out there at first. I am an introvert and loath being in the spot light but when you are standing up for someone else its not about you so it really isn;t as hard as you may think. 

The majority of people are also very nice. Because our style is non-combative and educational, I think people find it had to be nasty when they are speaking with someone so nice!

Here are some pics below. anonymous for the voiceless, vegan perfumeanonymous for the voiceless, vegan perfumeanonymous for the voiceless, vegan perfumeanonymous for the voiceless, vegan perfume

BAE Vegan Perfume Gentle Dog Deodoriser - NOT Dog Perfume!!    Thursday, March 29, 2018

Let's talk dog perfume. Or more accurately NOT Dog perfume :) 

Personally, I am not a fan of dog perfumes and colognes. Many products on the market are cheap, nasty and heavily loaded with irritating chemicals. At the time of writing, non-therapeutic pet grooming products such as shampoos, conditioners and deodorisers are not required by law to list their ingredients. Many dog perfumes use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and other irritating chemicals that can dry out the skin.

Dogs are unconcerned about their odour. Their sense of smell is also far more sensitive to that of humans and overly strong perfumes can be irritating. Dogs don't care if they stink, although their human friends typically appreciate a lovely smelling pooch. After bathing, a gentle deodoriser can complete the grooming process, however at the same time, most pet owners would not wish to make their pet uncomfortable so finding a gentle, effective product is essential. 

For almost a year I have been working on a gentle grooming product suitable for dogs (to be used on occasion) after they have a bath. Intially, the NOT Dog Perfume was going to be a water based spray perfume. However, as I was working on product development I came to the realisation that I'm not in alignment with the end product. The reason being is that, being water based, it will be imperative to add a preservative to the end product. Not all preservatives are bad of course, and they are essential to keep water based products safe. Alcohol would be my preservative of choice (these articles explain the importance of why Tisserand Institute - Effective Use of Alcohol in Aromatic Blending and Essential Wholesale - Use of Alcohol in Skin Care ) however I really wanted to create something as gentle as possible. Furthermore, dogs typically don't appreciate being sprayed so I just haven't been feeling right about the product.

I recently have had an idea with an oil based formula so I am working on that at the moment. Development continues so stay tuned xo


BAE: No 1 Resource for Vegan Perfume Australia

Mothers Day Gifts, New Scent Arrivals, Wholesale Welcome - BAE Vegan Perfume Australia    Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hey there :) So it has been just over two weeks since the BAE Vegan Perfume online store officially opened and sales are going well considering I am not advertising and the brand is unknown.

I have had a few sales as a result of connecting via Instagram, as well as some from supportive mates.  

I have been receiving awesome feedback on the products themselves and this is soooo welcome!! Some of my fear and agnst around launching the brand has been that I don't know how the vegan perfumes will be received. I love them, my daughter and husband tell me they're great, but what about the rest of the world? I truly believe in what I do and I am super happy to be receiving feedback that the vegan fragrances are appreciated. .

I am working an several new fragrances across all three Collections. I have a couple of designer vegan scents that I am working on, some new floral perfumes within the artisan collection, plus I have purchased additional essential oils so I am looking at creating a more herbaceous blend as the five on offer at the moment are quite florally. 

I received an email from a lady I connected with via Etsy who is looking at featuring my product in a gift basket and would I consider wholesale? Up until then, wholesale had not crossed my mind however after doing some calculations, I will be offering all products at a generous wholesale discount for vegan/cruelty free retailers. 

Update on cruelty free and vegan status: I have lodged my applications with Choose Cruelty Free and Vegan Alliance. To come is the Orangutan Alliance in order to be certified as Palm Oil Free.

Anyways, that is all from BAE Vegan Perfume! I hope you are doing well. Love Vegan Nat xo 

BAE Vegan Perfume - LAUNCHES TODAY!!!    Monday, March 12, 2018

Today is the day guys!! BAE Vegan Perfume & Oils has officially launched!

 I am working on finetuning SEO in order to begin getting organically ranked for anyone searching for vegan perfume or cruetly free perfume. 

In the meantime, I will run a Facebook ad, continue to post pics on Instagram, and just keep working on developing new vegan fragrances. 

So far, I have 10 vegan perfumes in the Designer Collection, 12 vegan perfumes in the Artisan Collection and 5 blends in the Natural Collection. The aromatherapy perfume is the product line that is hardest to finetune as there really is an artform to blending.

I have also had a breakthrough with the dog deodoriser that I have been working on. I have a strong stance on dog perfume. My POV is don't use it. The majority of the market for dog perfume products do not consider the wellbeing of the animal at all.Dogs typically do not enjoy being sprayed, with anything! Secondly,many dog perfumes on the market are loaded with irritating chemicals. A common ingredient is isopropyl alochol which far more irritating and drying that pure ethanol. I have been working on a dog cologne for over a year but I havent been in alignment with what I have created so far. However today ispiration came to me and I like what I am turning over in my mind so far, so stay tuned for that one. 

Here are a couple more pics from the photo shoot for your viewing pleaure:) 

There are Beautiful Animals Everywhere so make sure you give them love today xoxox

vegan perfume


vegan perfume

BAE: Your No1 Resource for Vegan Perfume Australia

BAE Vegan Perfume - 10 Days Til Official Opening    Friday, March 2, 2018

Hey there. Well only one week to go before BAE vegan perfume online store launches.

A launch feels like a bit of a stretch to be honest as the world of sales is totally new to me and I have not done a scrap of marketing for the 'launch' other than an instagram post! My plan is to trust. It sounds airy fairy but with zero marketing budget and little knowledge of marketing, I am trusting that all will unfold as it is meant to. I trust I will connect with the right people at the right time and, if my hard work pays off, word of mouth will be my biggest friend. Photography will be undertaken by myself until the budget allows for a professional. 

bae vegan perfumebae vegan perfumebae vegan perfumebae vegan perfume It It feels all a little surreal at the moment. To get to this poinnt has taken such a long time andwith a lot of hard hard work and I haven't given thought to the fact that I will be actually my perfume formulas to actual people! 

I have had connections from a couple of ladies interested in writing reviews so that has been awesome. I have also been in touch with an organisation called Palm Oil Investigations who I will send samples to for a review as the oil base I use is a palm-oil free coconut oil. 

The perfumes themselves, if I do say so, are absolutely gorgeous. The three collections are totally unique and different to each other. The Designer Collection is just like a high end department store perfume. The Artisan Collection is reminiscent Body Shop or L'Occitane, scents that are familiar yet unique in their own right. And the Natural Collection is different yet again as it uses one hundred percent pure essential oils. 

Oke well thats it for now. 

In vegan love,

Nat xo

BAE Vegan Perfume Australia

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