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BAE, an acronym for Beautiful. Animals. Everywhere, is an Australian vegan perfume brand created by Sydney-born Nat Carey. The product line consists of over 30 (and growing) vegan perfumes across three unique collections. BAE Vegan Perfume is certified with Choose Cruelty Free, The Orangutan Alliance, and PETAs Beauty without Bunnies Vegan & Cruelty Free program. 

Mission: To provide an extensive range of department-store quality vegan and cruelty free fragrances at an affordable price. To gain a reputation as an ethical perfume brand renowned for providing outstanding customer service, value for money, and genuine passion for animal welfare. 

Vision: To be recognised as the number one TRUSTED online source of ethical vegan & cruelty free perfumes with the largest range of luscious scents available. To educate and reach not just the socially conscious but those who may not even be aware of the treatment of animals in respect to the beauty and cosmetic industry, and therefore become more conscious in their product choices. 

All products are manufactured, bottled and packaged in Australia. 

There are three vegan perfume collections: Designer, Artisan and Natural Collections. The base oil used in all three vegan perfume collections is a luxurious palm-oil free fractionated coconut oil; an exceptionally light-weight oil that feels lovely on the skin without being greasy. 

BAE Vegan Perfume - The Collections

Designer Collection is described as being classy, elegant with the distinct features of high-end, department store perfumes. Many of the Designer Collection perfumes possess earthy, masculine overtones which can be worn by males and females alike. Available in Palm Oil Free Oil Base: 5ml mini bottles, 15ml screw top bottles and 30ml dropper refill bottles or Alcohol Based: 30ml & 50ml Spray Bottles.

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Artisan Collection is the signature, every day perfume line featuring classic, well known and loved fragrances like those found in the Body Shop and L'Occitane. These Artisan vegan perfumes are more feminine and florally in nature however there are several earthy, musky fragrances within the range. The Artisan Collection perfumes are ideal for every day wear. Available in Palm Oil Free Oil Base: 5ml mini bottles, 15ml screw top bottles and 30ml dropper refill bottles or Alcohol Based: 30ml & 50ml Spray Bottles.ethical perfume, cruelty free perfume Australia, vegan perfume Australia

Natural Collection is the pure essential oil / aromatherapy perfume line. The essential oils featured in the Natural Collection one hundred percent pure and authentic. Aromatherapy perfumes are more raw and natural than fragrance based perfume and are perfect for anyone who has an aversion to synthetic fragrances. The natural collection has the option of adding dried flowers in the bottle which create a lovely aesthetic. Available in Palm Oil Free Oil Base: 5ml mini bottles, 15ml screw top bottles and 30ml dropper refill bottles or Alcohol Based: 30ml Spray Bottles.

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Each vegan perfume Collection is different and unique as BAE consciously set out to cater to individual preferences. For those who have an aversion to traditional perfumes, the Natural Collection would be ideal. The Artisan Collection is perfect for every day wear and the Designer Collection embodies more of an upscale scent. Continue reading for a summary of each vegan fragrance. 

The Natural Collection is 100% pure and authentic and made from the highest quality essential oils. There are no synthetics or fillers in this aromatherapy perfume line, just fresh and natural ingredients to delight the senses. As essential oils are highly volatile, they evaporate faster than fragrance oils and therefore do not last as long as the other collections. In staying that, the Natural Collection is a fantastic alternative for anyone who has an aversion to synthetic fragrance. These essential oils blends are an exceptional quality aromatherapy perfume many featuring delightful florally overtones. 

- Ahimsa - Pink grapefruit, lavandin grosso, lime, lotus pink absolute, rose absolute Bulgaria
- Bhakti - Sweet orange, cedarwood atlas, ylang ylang, lime, neroli
- Karuna - Pink grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, lavandin grosso, peppermint, geranium, basil
- Lumen - Lavender, mandarin red, orange, cedarwood atlas, patchouli, vanilla
- Prajna - Mandarin, lime, petitgrain, rose absolute Bulgaria

The Artisan Collection features classic, much adored scents like lavender, rose, cherry blossom, amber and sandalwood, and are formulated using the highest quality vegan fragrance oils. Not all perfume ingredients are created equal however BAEs beautiful vegan perfumes are formulated using the finest materials, resulting in crisp, authentic and irresistible aromas. 

- Beach Coconut – Beachy tropical coconut, totally sensual summertime
- Bergamot - Citrusy yet slightly earthy and musky
- Cherry Blossom – Traditional oriental floral and feminine
- Cardamom Sandalwood - Earthy and musky, more masculine than feminine floral
- Earth Rose - Modern rose scent - floral with hints of musk & sandalwood
- Honeysuckle Blossom - Summertime Floral and feminine
- Lavender Citrus - Earthy, musky and citrusy. Not traditional, very sensual
- Neroli Blossom – Traditional Spring time Floral
- Olive Blossom - Floral yet slightly musky and earthy
- Persian Spice - Earthy with Middle Eastern Spice. Totally Dubai
- Vanilla Creme - Sweet, cheeky, uplifting and almost good enough to eat

The Designer Collection features luxurious, department-store aromas that are elegant, classy and offer the distinct scent of an exclusive, high end perfume. Many of the scents within this collection are masculine in nature yet are still attractive to females.

- Angel BAE - Intriguing and masculine, rich, earthy and woody notes
- Baby Girl - Playful, young, cheeky with fruity top notes and vanilla undertones
- Bling - Seductive, earthy and masculine
- Bohdi- Masculine, earthy with a classic elegant scent. This one is HOT
- Boo! - Sensual, oriental with citrus top notes and floral undertones
- Bosi B - Masculine, sexy with sweet & salty marine notes. Think wealth & success
- Flower  - Soft and feminine, rich with floral notes and an earthy base. Classic floral
- Goddess – Feminine, notes of bright melon & mandarin are mixed with blossoms and rose
- Hey Boi - Rich notes of citrus with woody, herbaceous undertones
- Minx – Seductive, feminine and rich, citrus and spice with sensual earthy undertones. 
- Sass - Feminine, sexy and absolutely oozing class. Fresh floral and fruity undertones
- Solstice - Woody with citrus and green notes
- Wild - Raw, earthy and very masculine. Totally sex on fire.

All three vegan perfume collections are blended with a luxurious palm oil free coconut oil which is light-weight, non-greasy and nourishing on the skin. Alternatively, alcohol based spray perfumes are perfect for those who prefer a quick spritz.


BAE Vegan Perfumes are available in three sizes; 5ml mini bottles, 15ml screw top bottles and 30ml refill bottles. Only a small amount is required on application and so a little will go a long way, making them great value for money. A 15ml bottle can last 6 months. Being oil based, for a stronger, more long lasting scent, the perfume can also be applied liberally to the hands and arms and massaged into the skin. As the base oil is palm oil free coconut oil, your skin will be left feel soft and moisturised after use. 

30ml & 50ml alchol based spray perfumes also last at least 6-12 months even with daily use. 

 All vegan fragrances strictly conform to standards set out by IFRA. Additionally, all BAE Vegan Perfume suppliers do not test on animals, and all ingredients used are vegan. 

Coming Soon - Gentle Vegan Dog Deodoriser (Not Dog Perfume!!)

Please see my blog post about updates on this product

Services - Free Gift Wrapping

All purchases are gift wrapped and a greeting card can be included if desired. All products can be sent to an alternative address if it is for a gift. Leave a note at the time of purchase with what you would like to say on the card and where you would like the products sent. 

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If you have any questions or concerns, positve or constructive feedback about BAE Vegan Perfume & Oils products, please get in touch 

BAE - Beautiful Animals Everywhere - Your No1 Resource for Cruelty Free & Vegan Perfume Australia and International. 

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