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Hey there, my name is Nat Carey aka Vegan Nat. I am a huge animal lover, avid runner aaaaand total introvert:) I am one of the founders of the ethical, cruelty free perfume brand BAE (aka Beautiful Animals Everywhere) Vegan Perfume & Oils. 

Prior to entering the world of business ownership, my professional career consisted of small business management and military service for the Royal Australian Navy. I was actually on deployment to the Middle East when I received the idea to create BAE. I felt a strong desire for a change in career, leading me to study perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetic chemistry and product formulations. I lead a pretty simple life and cherish spending time in nature. I also take part in vegan outreach as much as time allows. If you would like to know more about me, read on.

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Oke, 5 random things about Vegan Nat:

- I am married to this pretty cool guy called Jules who is in the Navy, and my babybear Dallas has just finished year 12. We are a vegan fam and we live on the South Coast of New South Wales.

- My other two children are floofins Poochie & Shaggy:) They totally rule the household. They are an abundance of fluff, energy and unconditional love. Poochie is absolutely hilarious, so confident, sassy and self assured whereas Shaggy is more like me, awkward, klutzy and a bundle of nervous, lovable energy :) Both fluffers are moving into their senior years which scares the hell out of me because I know they will not be with me forever and I don't even want to contemplate that. Every moment with them is the greatest gift.

- I have a water colour tattoo with a sneaky vegan message. Plus a black and white mandala tattoo with the AV symbol. And moon phases, suns and butterflies. I love ink and I'm sure I'll get more. 

- I absolutely love nature and have I mentioned how much I love animals? The amount of love I feel for them, I just can't articulate in words. The fact that so many animals are subjected to such astounding amounts of suffering overwhelms me some days and my heart hurts in a way I cannot describe. Somedays it all gets too much and my heart feels sad and heavy. I cry. It happens. I do my best to channel the sadness in positive ways.

- I love running. Seriously, I love it. I never used to. I was a weight lifter for a long time but now I prefer running as it totally helps my mind stay positive, and burns off negative energy on darker days. 

I was interviewed recently for Socially Conscious Club (argh it's so cringe reading the thoughts from my mind online!!) but if you're interested in knowing more about what goes on inside my dorky little head, you can read it here: https://sociallyconsciousclub.com.au/blog-qa-baeveganperfume/

BAE was also featured on Oz Sticker Printing Success Stories page https://www.ozstickerprinting.com/story/stickers-with-the-bae-perfume

It's been a long journey to fine-tune my art (then build up the courage to share it with the world!) but I remember a quote about not dying with your music still in you.  If you wish to connect with me, or have any questions regarding BAE, please get in touch via the Conact page. Sending vegan love :) Nat


Hey Guys!!! I'm Vegan Dal and I am pretty much the face of BAE Vegan Perfume, primarily taking care of all things social media. Nat (aka Mumma Bear) prefers to hideaway taking care of the business side of things (boring!) and I get to take care of promoting BAEs totally gorgeous and ethical, cruelty free perfumes to the world. 

Oke so some random stuff about me:

- I've totally caught Nat's love of ink. I have a butterfly tattoo and an insanely gorgeous snake tattoo (I have loved snakes since I was little!) 

- I'm a bit of a dork haha, I love Pokemon. When Pokemon Go was at it's peak, it was literally THE only thing that combatted my laziness. Nat's face was sooooo hilarious when I literally ran out of the house one day yelling that I was off to Huskisson, which is like 3km's away, to find Pokemons (this was before I got my P's). She was all like, FFS Dallas you ask me to drive you to work (which is like 300m away.... yep, I can be totes lazy) and yet you'll walk to Huskisson for a friggin Pokemon thing?!!! Hahaha so funny:D

- I've been vegan for around 3 years and one of my best friends is vegan too. I never really like eating animal corpse (I refuse to say 'meat' as it doesn't reflect reality) and so it was a pretty easy transition. Cadbury dairy milk chocolate was the hardest thing to give up but I just think of the baby cows anytime I crave it. 

- I have recently met a beautiful soul who is my BF and quickly becoming my BFF. He is beautiful inside and out and has such a big heart. He fills my own heart which such a deep love and I'm so grateful. 

- My mum is my best friend. She pretty much raised me on her own from when I was 4 weeks old. She supports me in whatever I do and allows me to be who I am without pressure. She also gives really good advice because she has been through a lot and has learned from it. Oh and of course I love and adore all animals too. 

So, that us!

Below are some random pics :)

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Poochie BAE Vegan Perfume Employee

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Shaggy - BAE Vegan Perfume Employee

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BAE Vegan Perfume - Best Friends

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