BAE Vegan Perfume, where compassion and cruelty free dances with elegant designer fragrance, is an Australian vegan perfume brand showcasing over 30 fine vegan perfumes across three unique collections. BAE is certified with Choose Cruelty Free, The Orangutan Alliance, and PETAs Beauty without Bunnies Vegan & Cruelty Free program. BAE is your shoppe for vegan perfume Australia.

5 x Sample Bottles of Vegan Perfume - Find Your Favourite Vegan Fragrance


BAE Vegan Perfume & Oils is a brand new vegan & cruelty free brand with over 30 designer fragrances. 2ml sample bottles are a great way to experience a variety of luscious vegan perfumes in small quantities. These little bottles pack a punch, and can last weeks, even months depending on how often you apply them!  

SPECIAL DEAL: Choose 5 x sample bottles from across any of the three Vegan Perfume collections: Designer, Artisan or Natural.  

When you place your order, please ensure you type the name of the scents you would like to purchase in the 'text box'.

The Natural Collection is 100% pure and natural, made from the highest quality essential oils. There are no synthetic materials or fillers in this aromatherapy perfume line, just fresh and natural ingredients to delight the senses.

- Ahimsa - Pink grapefruit, lavandin grosso, lime, lotus pink absolute, rose absolute Bulgaria
- Bhakti - Sweet orange, cedarwood atlas, ylang ylang, lime, neroli
- Karuna - Pink grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, lavandin grosso, peppermint, geranium, basil
- Lumen - Lavender, mandarin red, orange, cedarwood atlas, patchouli, vanilla
- Prajna - Mandarin, lime, petitgrain, rose absolute Bulgaria

The Artisan Collection features all the classic and much loved scents like lavender, rose, vanilla, coconut, cherry blossom and sandalwood just to name a few. These gorgeous vegan fragrances are made from the highest quality ingredients, resulting in aromas that are crisp, authentic and absolutely delightful. 

- Beach Coconut - Similar to suntan oil
- Bergamot - Citrusy yet slightly earthy and musky
- Cherry Blossom - Oriental floral and feminine
- Cardamom Sandalwood - Earthy and musky
- Earth Rose - Modern rose scent - floral with hints of musk
- Honeysuckle Blossom - Summertime Floral and feminine
- Lavender Citrus - Earthy, musky and citrusy
- Neroli Blossom - Spring time Floral
- Olive Blossom - Floral yet slightly musky and earthy
- Persian Spice - Earthy with Middle Eastern Spice
- Vanilla Creme - Sweet, young and uplifting

The Designer Collection features high end perfume aromas that are elegant, crisp and offer the distinct scent of a high end, department store perfume.

- Angel BAE - Intriguing and masculine, rich, earthy and woody notes
- Baby Girl - Playful, cheeky with fruity top notes and vanilla undertones
- Bling - Seductive, earthy and masculine
- Bohdi- Masculine, earthy with a classic elegant scent
- Boo! - Sensual, oriental with citrus top notes and floral undertones
- Bosi B - Masculine, sexy with sweet & salty marine notes
- Flower  - Soft and feminine, rich with floral notes and an earthy base
- Goddess - Notes of bright melon and mandarin are mixed with blossoms and rose
- Hey Boi - Rich notes of citrus with woody, herbaceous undertones
- Minx - Seductive and rich, citrus and spice with sensual earthy undertones
- Solstice - Woody with citrus and green notes
- Wild - Raw, earthy and very masculine

All three collections are blended with a palm oil free coconut oil which is light-weight, non-greasy and nourishing on the skin. Once you have had some time to sample from the different vegan perfume collections you will have a better idea of what scent appeals to you most.


- 100% vegan 
- No animal testing
- No animal ingredients
- Palm oil free Coconut Oil base
- Vegan Perfume available in 5ml, 15ml & 30ml bottles
- Oil Based perfume is long lasting. Small bottles can last 6-12 months even with daily use
- Gentle on the skin

If you are looking for a high end perfume without the price tag (or the animal suffering), you have come to the right place. BAE Vegan Perfumes and Oils is a premium quality online perfume store that is proud to offer a wide range of safe, high quality vegan perfumes.

BAE Vegan Perfume is certified with the following agencies:

- Choose Cruelty Free
- Orangutan Alliance
- PETAs Beauty Without Bunnies - Vegan and Cruelty Free Program

Thank you for supporting cruelty free.

BAE - Beautiful Animals Everywhere - Your No 1 Online Perfume Store for Cruelty Free & Vegan Perfume Australia & International.